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ORO Pay as you go ORO Gold ORO Platinum
Account Charges Free Rs.2,000/Year Rs.10,000/Year
Free Transaction Amount - Rs.25,00,000 Rs.1,25,00,000
Transaction Charges
Liquid Funds Free Free Free
Purchase/Switch/Redeem(<50,000) Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
Purchase/Switch/Redeem(>50,000) 0.1% of Volume 0.1% of Volume 0.1% of Volume
SIP/STP/SWP(<2Lakhs/Yr) Rs.200 Rs.200 Rs.200
SIP/STP/SWP(>2Lakhs/Yr) 0.1% of Volume 0.1% of Volume 0.1% of Volume
ORO Top Picks Free Free Free
Goal Tracking Rs.500 / Goal Unlimited Goals Unlimited Goals
Stock Basket* Rs.500 / Basket Unlimited Baskets Unlimited Baskets
Portfolio Health Checkup Rs.500 / Checkup Unlimited Checkups Unlimited Checkups
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Dedicated Relationship Manager - - Free
Expert Consultation - - Quarterly Review
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