Tata Mutual Fund

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Tata Mutual Fund is backed by country’s most valued and trusted brand. Investors are confident about investing in their strategically designed MF products. The company exercises rigorous risk management methods.
Tata Mutual Fund offers an investment option for everyone, whether you are a businessman or salaried professional, a retired person or housewife, an aggressive investor or a conservative capital builder.
The Tata Asset Management philosophy is centred on seeking consistent, long-term results. Tata Asset Management aims at overall excellence, within the framework of transparent and rigorous risk controls.
This helps in protecting investors’ interest and promoting their wealth generation requirement. Also, the advisory and customer service team at Tata Mutual Fund believes in complete transparency and flexibility.

Date of setupJune 30, 1995
Sponsor(s)Tata Sons Limited & Tata Investment Corp. Ltd.
AddressMafatlal Centre, 9th Floor, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021
Tel022 - 6657 8282
Fax022 - 2261 3782

Why Choose Tata Mutual Fund?

  • Brand

    : The mutual fund is backed by the reliability of the corporate name ‘Tata’. This comes with huge value and trust, and allows investors the confidence to go ahead and invest in their products.

  • Servicing excellence

    : Along with fund management, the Tata Mutual Fund offers expert financial services. Investors are attracted by the trust and consistent record of the company.

  • Capital appreciation

    : The long term performance of the MFs released by the AMC has been positive. It has instilled a sense of confidence among investors to go for its products for profitability.

  • Diverse funds

    : The AMC presents a range of plans for different risk profiles and investment needs. People can go for equity-heavy portfolios under equity MF or go for a safer debt MF investment.

  • Tax benefits

    : The AMC has quite a few schemes that are aimed at wealth creation as well as save taxes under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity Fund

    : Tata equity funds invest primarily in equity shares of companies that are publicly traded on stock exchanges. This means that the returns generated are as per the company’s performance for a given period of time. There are different funds inside this segment depending on the duration for which they are held – they are classified as large cap, mid cap or small cap equity funds. The AMC manages funds like Tata Large Cap Fund and Tata Multicap fund (an example of a diversified fund by Tata) in this segment.

  • Debt Fund

    : Tata debt funds offers protection to investors from the intense volatility of the market. These funds choose to invest in safe bets like government securities, money markets, and bonds. These offer a lower yet assured rate of return to conservative investors. Tata Liquid Fund and Tata Bond Fund are some of the debt funds that are managed by Tata Mutual Fund.

  • Hybrid Funds

    : Some investor may want the protection of debt funds but accelerated capital growth offered by equity funds. They would want the best of both worlds. For such investors, the AMC offers funds like Tata Hybrid Equity Fund. These invest in a mix of equities as well as debt instruments for dual advantage of capital appreciation with lower risk profile.

  • Close End Schemes

    : The unit capital of closed end funds are fixed. Additionally the company may sell only a specific number of units in the NFO period. Investors can look at trading these closed end funds in two ways – one is by participating in stock exchange trading, or participating in buy-back of the shares. Tata Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund and Tata Fixed Maturity Plans are some of the funds floated by AMC.

Fund Managers at Tata Mutual Fund

  • Mr Sachin Trivedi:

    He has 16 years of experience. He is the Head of Research & Fund Manager, Equity at UTI AMC Ltd. He is a graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce, Mumbai and holds a post-graduate degree in management (MMS) from the K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai University.

  • Mr Amit Premchandani:

    He is Senior Vice President & Fund Manager – Equity and has more than 15 years of experience. He holds a PGDM from IIM Indore and CFA charter from CFA Institute, USA. He has completed CA from ICAI. He graduated in Bachelor of Commerce in 2001 from Heramba Chandra College, Kolkata.

  • Mr. Sunil Patil:

    He is Executive Vice President & Fund Manager – Debt. He joined UTI AMC in October 1989. He has more than 28 years of experience in Primary Market Investment / Dealing and Fund Management.

  • Mr. Amit Sharma:

    He is Vice President & Fund Manager – Debt. He joined UTI in 2008. He has been associated with the Dept. of Fund Management for the past 4 years.

  • Mr. Amandeep Singh Chopra:

    He is the Group President & Head of Fixed Income of UTI AMC Ltd. He has been with UTI AMC since 1994 beginning his career as a ‘Research Analyst’ and then moving into the area of Fund Management. He is a graduate in B.Sc. (Computer Science) from St. Stephens College, Delhi and an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi.

  • Mr. Sanjay Dongre:

    He is Executive Vice President and Sr Fund Manager – Equity at UTI AMC Ltd. He is a B.E. (Instrumentation) graduate from College of Engineering and a PGDM from IIM Calcutta. He has been with UTI AMC since 1994.

  • Mr. Lalit Nambiar:

    He has more than 18 years of experience. He is serving as Executive Vice President and Fund Manager (Equity). He is a commerce graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce, Mumbai and holds a post-graduate degree in management (MMS) from Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai University. He also holds a CFA charter awarded to him in 2005 by the CFA Institute, USA.

  • Mr. Kausik Basu:

    He is Executive Vice President & Fund Manager – Equity at UTI AMC Ltd and has an overall experience of 32 years including 18 years in the domestic Equity Capital markets. He is a B.Com graduate from Kolkata (Calcutta) University and holds a graduate degree in law (LLB) from Kolkata (Calcutta) University. He has also completed CS (Int) and CAIIB – Part I.

  • Mr. V. Srivatsa:

    He is an Executive Vice President & Fund Manager –Equity at UTI AMC Ltd. He has been with UTI AMC since 2002. He is a B.Com graduate, C.A., C.W.A. and has a PGDM from IIM, Indore.

  • Mr. Sharwan Kumar Goyal:

    He is Vice President & Fund Manager – Equity. He began his career with UTI in June 2006 and has over 11 years of experience in Risk Management. He is a CFA Charter holder from CFA Institute, USA and also holds a Post-graduate degree in Management (MMS) from Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai.

  • Mr. Ritesh Nambiar:

    He is Senior Vice President & Fund Manager for UTI Income Opportunities Fund and a Co-Fund Manager for UTI Floating Rate Fund and UTI Medium Term. He has 12 years’ experience, of which 9.5 years are in UTI Mutual Fund. He is CFA certified and a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) from CFA Institute and GARP. He is done graduation (BMS Finance) and post-graduation (MMS Finance) in Management Studies from Mumbai University.