Sundaram Mutual Fund

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Sundaram Mutual Fund is a part of one of the oldest and well-known financial groups in India, Sundaram Finance Limited Group. For the last sixty years, Sundaram Group has been dealing in various markets in India such as investments, finance, and automobiles.

The group started dealing in the market under the name of Sundaram Asset Management Company. The asset management company has gained the trust in the market by fulfilling and satisfying the financial objectives of their investors since more than two decades.

Sundaram Mutual Fund helps the retail investors with a similar investment objectives to invest together. The company has the expertise in investing in equities, fixed income and other financial instruments.

Date of setupAug-24-1996
Sponsor(s)Sundaram Finance Limited
AddressSundaram Towers, 2nd Floor,46 Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai 600 014.
Tel044 - 28583362 / 3367
Fax044 - 28583156

Why Choose Sundaram Mutual Fund?

  • Total transparency

    : Sunadarm Mutual Fund’s expert advisors provide full disclosure to investors when they embark on a new investment relationship. This helps the investor get comprehensive insights for decision making purposes.

  • Tax benefits

    : Some of the AMC’s schemes like Sundaram Diversified Equity (ELSS) benefit the investor in saving on tax. Coupled with the stable returns, investors find this scheme attractive.

  • Online transaction

    : Investors need not step out of their home or office for transacting on Sundaram mutual funds. This convenience makes the AMC a preferred MF house for many investors across India. The online interface guides the customer on each step such as monitoring of NAV or redeeming the investment without any troubles.

  • Extensive portfolio management

    : The company picks assets to manage after careful research and analysis. The professionally managed funds from highly diversified portfolios mean that these emerge as viable wealth generation avenues for the regular investors.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity

    : Sundaram equity funds look to drive capital appreciation objective via a strategic allocation of units in stocks and shares of publicly listed companies that trade on stock exchanges. The NAV of the fund is directly proportional to the company’s performance and hence it sees volatility every single day. The fund managers will select a range of companies depending on the objective of the particular equity scheme they are handling. For example, large cap funds will invest only in the companies that have a huge market cap and are established names in the industry. Sundaram Select Focus Fund, Sundaram Large and Mid Cap Fund, and Sundaram Mid Cap Fund are some of the top equity funds in this category.

  • Debt

    : Investors who want risk-free channels for capital appreciation may choose Sundaram debt funds. These types of funds offer a slightly lower rate of returns, but they remain assured of low market fluctuations of the underlying assets. The AMC offers schemes like Sundaram Money Fund, Sundaram Low Duration Fund, Sundaram Banking and PSU Debt Fund, Sundaram Short Term Credit Risk Fund, and Sundaram Corporate Bond Fund are some of the top debt schemes for its investors.

  • ELSS

    : Sundaram ELSS funds offer the dual advantage of tax savings along with wealth creation. The funds usually come with a lock in period of 3-5 years (in this duration, the investors cannot withdraw the amount from their MF account). The Sundaram Diversified Equity Mutual Fund can help you in claiming tax exemption under sec 80C.

  • Hybrid

    : Investors who want a bit of aggression along with playing down the risks associated with the portfolio, can opt for Sundaram hybrid funds. Here there is a dedicated allocation of equity and debt in the portfolio. Usually it is in proportion of 60 equity: 40 debt, 40 equity: 60 debt, or 50 equity: 50 debt (also known as balanced fund). Sundarm Equity Hybrid Fund is one such hybrid fund.

  • Thematic

    : Sundaram thematic funds are into specific themes that are dependent on a particular type of investment. The fund’s objective is to provide great returns by investing in stocks, which qualify to belong within the particular theme that is considered. Thematic funds can vary from multi-sector, international exposure, commodity exposure etc., unlike a sector fund, theme funds have a broader spectrum to operate in. Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund invests primarily in healthcare in allied sectors. Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund, Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities, and Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund are the top funds in this category.

  • Multi Asset

    : Sundaram Multi Asset Funds make investments in the form of combining different types of investment instruments such as cash, bonds, and equities. Such type of strategy offers a greater diversification of the assets than compared to investing in a single asset class. This allows the investor to have a more diverse portfolio and generate good returns while covering the risk in the market. Sundaram Multi Asset Fund is the solitary fund in the category.

  • Fund of Funds

    : In this type of funds, Sundaram MF invests in other types of mutual funds across the globe. The investment is across multiple risk thresholds such as high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk. Additionally, it offers diversification by investing across a wide range of available funds.

Fund Managers at Sundaram Mutual Fund

  • Krishnakumar:

    Krishnakumar is the Chief Investment Officer of equity investments at Sudaram Mutual Fund.

  • Rahul Baijal:

    Rahul Baijal is the senior fund manager at Sundaram AMC..

  • Bharath S:

    Bharat is the senior fund manager at Sundaram AMC.

  • Rohit Seksaria:

    Rohit is the assistant fund manager at Sundaram MF.

  • Dwijendra Srivastava:

    Dwijendra is a Chief Investment Officer of fixed income investments at Sundaram MF.

  • Siddharth Chaudhar:

    Siddhart is a fund manager for debt instruments at Sundaram Mutual Fund.

  • Sandeep Agarwal:

    Sandeep is a fund manager for debt instruments at Sundaram MF.