Quantum Mutual Fund

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Mr. Ajit Dayal established Quantum Mutual Fund. Mr. Dayal is also the Chairman of the AMC. Both Quantum AMC and Quantum Mutual Fund are the subsidiaries of Quantum Advisors.

The overall assets under management (AUM) of Quantum Mutual Fund is over INR 700 Cr. The AMC manages more than 45,000 active portfolios. The AMC prides itself to be sharp predators of market conditions and adjust accordingly to provide optimum returns to its investors. The company aims to provide best in class investment options that will help create long-term wealth along with savings. It also aims to create financial products that are easy understand, are at affordable prices, and which will cater to the requirements of investors. The company puts substantial amount of resources to maintain high standards of services and focuses on giving research based suggestions to investors.

Date of setupDec-02-2005
Sponsor(s)Quantum Advisors Private Ltd.
Address7th Floor, Hoechst House, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021
Tel022 - 61447800

Why Choose Quantum Mutual Fund?

  • Optimizing returns with smart strategies

    : The fund management team at BNP Paribas enables the perfect match of fund to investor’s risk profile and wealth generation requirement. They use their in-depth knowledge and global expertise to satisfy its customers.

  • Tax benefits on select schemes

    : Company schemes provide investors with the option to reduce taxable income thus, giving investors substantial tax benefits.

  • Transparent approach

    : Quantum Mutual Fund remains committed to providing clear and transparent investment process in order to help the investors.

  • Building up wealth

    : The company allows first time investors and small scale investors with SIP option for mutual fund investment.

  • Strong advisory team

    : Quantum AMC has a great advisory and analytical team in place to guide the investor through all the processes of investment.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity Fund

    : With Quantum equity funds, investors can plan their long range wealth building strategy with ease. The long-term horizon allows the funds to get the benefit of market fluctuations and company performance, to yield a higher amount of returns for the equity fund investor. These funds typically invest in share markets and company stocks, due to its high volatility, risk-averse investors tend to keep a lower or zero proportion of equity stocks in their portfolios. Quantum Long Term Equity Fund, Quantum Tax Savings Fund, Quantum Equity Fund Of Funds, Quantum Index Fund ETF are the top equity funds offered by the company.

  • Debt Fund

    : Risk averse investors would benefit from Quantum debt funds. These offer a lower rate of returns, but the returns are assured as the underlying assets under debt do not undergo the tremendous fluctuations as depicted by equity trading. Quantum Liquid Fund, Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund the 2 debt funds offered by the AMC.

  • Multi Asset

    : Quantum Multi Asset Fund is the solitary fund in the category. A Multi Asset Fund also called as Multiple Asset Class Fund is a mutual fund type where the investment is made in the form of combining different types of investment instruments such as cash, bonds, and equities. Such type of strategy offers a greater diversification of the assets than compared to investing in a single asset class. This allows the investor to have a more diverse portfolio and generate good returns while covering the risk in the market.

  • Gold Fund

    : Gold Funds or Gold ETFs offered by Quantum MF invest money in gold producing companies or in physical gold. Purchasing of pure gold at low rate is also an option for investors in such schemes. Investors can expect a healthy return from these schemes in the long term ranging around 13% to 15%. Quantum Gold ETF and Quantum Gold Savings Fund are the two funds offered by the Quantum MF in this category.

Fund Managers at Quantum Mutual Fund

  • Mr. Atul Kumar, Fund Manager – Equity:

    Atul Kumar has 16 years of experience in the Indian capital markets as an Analyst and Portfolio Manager. In addition to being Quantum’s primary analyst for financials and power utilities, Atul is the Fund Manager for the Quantum Long Term Equity Value and Tax Saving Funds. Atul received his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Delhi University and his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad. He has cleared the final level of CFA.

  • Nilesh Shetty, Fund Manager – Equity:

    Nilesh has more than 13 years of experience in research. He has been a part of Quantum Asset Management Company since 2009, and at present is the Associate Fund Manager for Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund and Quantum Multi Asset Fund. Nilesh is a qualified CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), ACMA (CIMA, UK) and has completed his Masters in Management Studies (Finance) from the Mumbai University.

  • Pankaj Pathak, Fund Manager – Debt:

    Pankaj has over 8 years of experience in Fixed income investments and research. He joined Quantum Asset Management Company in August, 2013 and at present, is Fund Manager for Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund and Quantum Liquid Fund. Pankaj holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance from National Institute of Bank Management, Pune and is qualified CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

  • Chirag Mehta, Fund Manager:

    Chirag Mehta has 11 years of experience in handling commodities and a total experience of more than 13 years. He also specializes in the field of alternative investment strategies. Chirag is a qualified CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), and has also completed his Masters in Management Studies in Finance. He currently manages four funds largely in the field of alternative investments that includes Gold Fund, a Multi asset fund and an Equity fund of funds.

  • Hitendra Parekh, Fund Manager:

    Hitendra N Parekh has more than two decades of experience financial services industry. He has completed his B.Com & Masters in Financial Management from Mumbai University