Kotak Bond Short Term Plan-(Growth) - Direct

Kotak Bond Short Term Plan-(Growth) - Direct of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund has asset class type as Income-Short-Term. Oro Wealth rating for the fund is 3.

Basic Details


Moderately Low

Expense Ratio (%)



NA Years

Fund Manager

Deepak Agrawal

AuM (Rs Crores)


Asset Class


Net Asset Value:




Fund Type

Short Term

SEBI Category

Short Duration Fund

Fund Manager Details:

Deepak Agrawal Post Graduate in Commerce from Mumbai University, a Qualified Chartered account and a Company Secretary. Also Cleared AIMR CFA Level I Started his career with the AMC in September 2 and moved to Debt Fund Management Team as research analyst in September 21 and performed the role of dealer from October 24. Since November 26, Mr. Agarwal was Fund Manager in the debt fund management team.


To provide reasonable returns and high level of liquidity by investing in debt instruments such as bonds, debentures and Government securities; and money market instruments such as treasury bills, commercial papers, certificates of deposit, including repos in permitted kinds of issuers in the debt markets. The Scheme may invest in the call money/term money market in terms of RBI guidelines in this respect. To reduce the risk of the portfolio, the Scheme may also use various derivative and hedging products from time to time, in the manner permitted by SEBI. Subject to the maximum amount permitted from time to time, the Scheme may invest in offshore securities in the manner allowed by SEBI/RBI, provided such investments are in conformity with the investment objective of the Scheme and the prevailing guidelines and Regulations.

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