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India Infoline (IIFL) Mutual Fund has an extensive presence in the Indian Mutual Fund industry since 2011. The private sector mutual fund company has a rich experience in the Indian financial sector. Its team of strategists are working full time at providing the best wealth generation opportunities for their investors. Their various schemes have a big bouquet of uniquely structured products to suit the customer’s diverse wealth generation requirements and their individual risk taking appetite. The portfolios of IIFL Mutual Fund schemes consist of superior quality stocks handpicked by the veteran advisory team at the AMC. Their judicious decisions allow the fund managers to maintain focus and generate risk-adjusted returns. These schemes are designed to meet specific capital appreciation objectives which is then aligned with the exclusive investor needs.

IIFL Asset Management Company governs the operations of IIFL Mutual Fund. It is a part of IIFL Investment Managers. IIFL Mutual Fund has is one of the few leaders in benchmark-agnostic funds in India. This unique and distinct approach uses the industry benchmark as a relative measure to check the mutual fund scheme’s portfolio’s performance instead of using it as a base to build the scheme’s portfolio of assets within it. This approach allows the fund managers to choose stocks with greater flexibility. They can get to pick stocks from little known companies that have the potential to scale up in quick time. Fund managers adopting this approach can expand their scope of research far and wide and come up with apt strategies that can shape the wealth generation objectives of the schemes floated by the AMC.

IIFL Group was formed by Nirmal Jain and R. Venkatraman in 1995. The company has managed to build a strong portfolio of products and financial offerings aimed at yielding profitability to the investors parking their funds in their various mutual fund schemes. It also has a global presence in various countries like the US, UK, Switzerland, Mauritius, and Singapore to name a few. The IIFL Group through its holding company IIFL Holdings Company Ltd. and other wholly-owned subsidiary presents diverse solutions and services like asset management and wealth management, financial advisory and broking, investment banking, and financial products distribution.

Investors get the facility to use the new age online transacting mediums to transact on the various schemes held under the IIFL Mutual Fund. Individuals can now park their investments in the different equity, debt, or hybrid schemes of IIFL Mutual Fund either by visiting the company’s web portal or by visiting a third party distributor’s website. Under both interfaces, the investors can get to know about a huge array of schemes under one umbrella.

It is important to note for investors that those who want to open a MF account with IIFL Mutual Fund need to furnish a KYC compliance before proceeding with the investment process. This KYC formality can also be completed from the independent portal's site or fund house's website through the eKYC process.

Date of setupMarch 23, 2011
Sponsor(s)IIFL Wealth Management Ltd. (IIFLW)
Tel011 - 43717125/26
Fax011 - 23730251

Why Choose IIFL Mutual Fund?

  • Optimizing returns with smart strategies

    : The fund management team at IIFL enables the perfect match of fund to investor’s risk profile and wealth generation requirement. They use their in-depth knowledge and global expertise to satisfy its customers.

  • Tax benefits on select schemes

    : Company schemes provide investors with the option to reduce taxable income thus, giving investors substantial tax benefits.

  • Transparent approach

    : IIFL remains committed to providing clear and transparent investment process in order to help the investors.

  • Building up wealth

    : The company allows first time investors and small scale investors with SIP option for mutual fund investment.

  • Strong advisory team

    : IIFL has a great advisory and analytical team in place to guide the investor through all the processes of investment.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity Fund

    : IIFL equity funds are the ideal long term wealth building strategy. They invest in stocks/ shares of a company and become stakeholders. The company’s performance directly impacts the fund’s performance. The long-term horizon allows the investors to yield a higher amount of returns. Due to its high volatility, risk-averse investors tend to keep a lower or zero proportion of equity stocks in their portfolios. IIFL Focused Equity Fund is one of the popular funds in this category.

  • Debt Fund

    : Risk averse investors who cannot cope with the high volatility of daily market movements can instead opt for safer alternatives such as IIFL debt funds. In this, the portfolio invests into risk-free avenues like government bonds, money markets, and liquid funds. Investors will get lower yields than the equity investments, but as comparted to equity mutual funds, the returns will be more or less assured, thus allowing you to plan your wealth creation accordingly. IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund is the top fund offered by IIFL in this category.

  • Liquid Fund

    : IIFL MF liquid funds invest money in very short term market instruments like treasury bills, money markets, and call money that hold money for 91 days or less. The maturity period is lower than this. Since it offers the highest liquidity among all classes of funds, it is preferred by those who want to park their funds for very short term. IIFL Liquid Fund is one of the top funds in this category.

Fund Managers at IIFL Mutual Fund

  • Prashasta Seth, Chief Executive Officer & Fund Manager – Equity:

    Mr. Seth possesses more than 16 years of experience in the financial services industry. His association with IIFL Wealth Group has been since it was set up. His contribution in setting up the equity desk at IIFL Wealth Group has been enormous. As an Full Time Director and Chief Executive Officer of IIFL Asset Management Limited (IIFL AMC), he has been instrumental in launch of various products under Mutual Fund, Alternative Investment Fund and PMS platform of IIFL AMC. He is a MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and B Tech from IIT Kanpur. His previous assignment includes a stint in JP Morgan, London and heading Irevna (a Standard & Poor's company).

  • Anup Maheshwari, Joint - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer:

    Mr. Maheshwari has over 24 years of work experience in the financial service sector. He has done Bachelor of Commerce from Bombay University and Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

  • Ankur Parekh, Fund Manager – Debt:

    Mr. Ankur Parekh has over 15 years of work experience in the Fixed income securities market. He is commerce graduate and has done his Masters in Business Administration from Bharthiar University, Tamilnadu.