Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund is sponsored by Templeton International Inc. Its assets are managed by Templeton Asset Management. This AMC is one of the oldest AMCs in India. In 2002, it acquired Pioneer ITI, and added considerably to its user base. It aims to build a company with a broad range of investment experience and has built profitable mutual fund portfolios. Since the consolidation, the business has scaled substantially. This has catapulted Franklin Templeton to be considered as one of the top fund houses in India. The company focuses on short-term market fluctuations, revenues, cash flows, and intrinsic value of the company to provide the perfect solution to the customer query.

Date of setupFebruary 19, 1996
Sponsor(s)Templeton International Inc.
AddressIndiabulls Finance Centre; Tower 2, 12th and 13th Floor; Senapati Bapat Marg; Elphinstone Road (W) Mumbai 400013
Tel022 - 67519100
Fax022 - 66490622/66490627

Why Choose Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund?

  • Solid experience

    : For over two decades, Franklin Templeton has been providing strategic advisory services to investors. This has led to a fruitful business relationship between the company and its investors.

  • Smart risk management

    : Franklin Templeton strives to bring down the risk profile of the investment via discounted undervalued stocks.

  • Tax benefits

    : There are many beneficial schemes that Franklin Templeton presents, such as Franklin India Tax Shield, in order for the investor to save tax along with extracting profitability from the investment.

  • Eagle eye on opportunities

    : The company has built a team of advisory and market experts to keep track of high performers. They make sure to add them to the portfolio and offer the best potential to investors.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity Fund

    : Franklin equity funds are designed to generate high yields by investing in large cap companies. When they invest in stock markets, these assets are subjected to market fluctuations based on the stocks’ performance. While the daily movement might be substantial, the stocks do offer great returns if held for a longer duration like 8-12 years. Since these generate better returns, risk takers who want to generate income at a faster rate find it a viable source of investment. Franklin India Equity Fund and Franklin India Bluechip Fund are some of the equity funds you can find.

  • Debt Fund

    : Investors who don’t want to take the risk of a volatile stock market can opt for Franklin Templeton debt funds. This way they can tap into safer forms of assets like money market instruments or floating rate debt. As a result, they get the assurance of wealth creation that grows steadily. Some of the funds here include Franklin India Banking & PSU Debt Fund and Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund.

  • Hybrid Fund

    : Franklin MF hybrid funds are designed to have a smart fund allocation between equity and debt. This way, investors get to patriate in stock trading in their own small way, but still have the assurance of the government securities forming a good part of the portfolio. You can choose from different funds like Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund, Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio Fund Of Funds, and Franklin India Equity Savings Fund.

  • International Fund

    : If you need to invest in stocks of foreign companies, a Franklin Templeton international fund would be a great option. Some popular options from Franklin Templeton include Franklin India Feeder - Franklin European Growth Fund and Franklin India Feeder - Franklin U.U. Opportunities Fund.

  • Liquid Fund

    : Franklin MF liquid schemes can be immediately surrendered to access the money need for emergency or urgent purposes. The absence of a lock-in period makes it a preferred alternative for many investors. Franklin Templeton operates Franklin India Liquid Fund (Erstwhile Franklin India Treasury Management Account) as one such liquid fund which invests in money market and short term debt instruments.

Fund Managers at Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

  • Mr. K. N. Sivasubramanian, Chief Investment Officer, Equity:

    He is responsible for overseeing Frankling Equity Team's local India Funds.

  • Mr. Anand Vasudevan: Sr. Vice President, Equity:

    He is working as a fund manager for Franklin Equity Team. He has B.Tech degree from IIT Madras, PGDM from IIM Calcutta, and Masters in Finance from London Business School. He has an overall experience of over 10 years.

  • Mr. Rajat Malhotra:

    Raja has a Masters degree is Computational Finance (USA), a Bachelor's of Computing (Computer Science) from NUS Singapore. He has over 6 years of experience in this industry. He is responsible for fund and investment management at Franklin Templeton.