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Edelweiss Group acts as the parent company for Edelweiss Mutual Fund. Edelweiss MF is sponsored by Edelweiss Financial Services Limited Trust. Edelweiss Asset Management Limited acts as the investment manager for Edelweiss Mutual Fund.
Edelweiss Finance Limited was set up in the year 1996 and has been a significant player in the market since then. The AMC deals in providing investment banking, asset management, as well as insurance broking to its customers. The company boasts a strong presence in over 15 states in India and has its headquarters in Mumbai. In the year 2008, Edelweiss was granted a permission to set up its own mutual fund house.
The aim of Edelweiss Mutual Fund is to be innovation-driven international asset management company. The company also aims to offer world-class investment products and top-class client support to its investors. The company gives a particular importance to practice its trade on a strict and high ethical code. Consequently, it provides a transparent organization and work culture that is impartial to its investors as well as employees. Company is keen on assessing the risk profile of its investors to find out their need and then offer them a suitable product. Edelweiss Mutual Fund tries to incorporate creativity and innovation in everything that it does and thus help in raising the bar and reputation of the company.

Date of setupApril 30, 2008
Sponsor(s)Edelweiss Financial Services Limited
AddressEdelweiss House Off. C.S.T Road, Kalina, Mumbai 400098
Tel022 - 40933400
Fax022 - 40933401

Why Choose Edelweiss Mutual Fund?

  • Expertly managed funds

    : The mutual fund schemes offered by the company are managed by industry veterans and financial experts.

  • Online services

    : Almost all the services and schemes offered by the company are online and just a click away. Acquiring, transactions, and management of mutual funds has become much easier.

  • Easy SIP option

    : Edelweiss Mutual Fund offers a wide range of SIP plans that cater to the needs of investors.

  • Research driven approach

    : The AMC follows a research driven approach for investment and concentrates on helping investors to manage and earn more from their investments.

  • Hassel free process

    : Investing with Edelweiss Mutual Fund is hassle free and easy. Investors can also easily track their online application form.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity Fund

    : Edelweiss equity funds are one of the most attractive investment options available in the market. These funds invest money in equity and equity related instruments. Edelweiss MF’s equity mutual fund schemes are designed to generate wealth over a longer investment horizon. The money is invested across multiple stocks. The risk involved in these funds are moderately high, and thus, the returns are also on the higher side. Edelweiss Arbitrage Fund - Dir (G), Edelweiss Equity Savings (MD), Edelweiss Large Cap - A (G), Edelweiss LT Equity Fund (G), and Edelweiss Large Cap - Direct (G) are some of the popular names in this category.

  • Debt Fund

    : Debt Funds or fixed income funds offered by Edelweiss Mutual Fund invest the money pooled from the investors in financial instruments that have enough potential and power to generate a regular income. These financial instruments are generally government securities, corporate bonds, commercial papers etc. Investing in these type of funds comes with a low risk. The mutual fund schemes are best suited for investors avoiding risk in their portfolio. Edelweiss Liquid Fund(AD)-Direct Plan, Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Reg(AD), Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Reg(G), Edelweiss Liquid-Ret(G), Edelweiss Low Duration Fund(G)-Direct Plan, and Edelweiss Low Duration Fund-Reg(D)some of the popular names in this category.

  • Exchange Traded Funds

    : Edelweiss Exchange Traded Funds are designed to generate returns by tracking the performance of physical gold in the market. Edelweiss ETF – Nifty 50, Edelweiss ETF – Nifty Bank, and Edelweiss ETF – Nifty Quality 30 are some of the top and popular ETFs in the market.

  • International Funds

    : The primary investment objective of the Edelweiss International Fund Scheme is to provide long-term capital growth by investing predominantly in offshore JPMorgan funds in ASEAN countries, Europe, Greater China, the US, and other offshore emerging Equities market. Edelweiss Europe Dynamic Equity Offshore Fund, The Edelweiss ASEAN Equity Offshore Fund, The Edelweiss Greater China Equity Offshore Fund, Edelweiss US Value Equity Offshore Fund, and Edelweiss Emerging Markets Opportunities Equity Offshore Fund are some of the popular names in this category.

Fund Managers at Edelweiss Mutual Fund

  • Ms. Radhika Gupta, Chief Executive Officer:

    Radhika, is an asset management professional with global and India experience across both asset classes, investor segments, and investment management and distribution. She started Forefront Capital Management, an alternative asset management firm in India, which was acquired by Edelweiss in 2014. From 2017, Radhika has been the CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management. She is a graduate of the Management and Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania, with joint degrees in Economics from the Wharton School and Computer Science Engineering from the Moore School. She is the founding President of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Club, a member of the Global Leadership Council of the Management and Technology Program, and a Board Member of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

  • Mr. Harshad Patwardhan, CIO – Equities:

    Harshad, aged 46 years, is a B.Tech. (IIT), MBA (IIM) and a CFA by qualification. Mr. Patwardhan has an overall work experience of over 23 years in the investment management function and has joined Edelweiss AMC as Chief Investment Officer - Equity and a key personnel.

  • Mr. Dhawal Dalal, CIO – Fixed Income:

    Dhawal, aged 44 years, is a B.E. (Ahmedabad, Gujarat University) and MBA (University of Dallas, USA) by qualification and has an overall work experience of 20 years mostly in the investment management function. Mr. Dhawal has joined Edelweiss AMC as Chief Investment Officer – Fixed Income in October 2016.