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DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund is a joint venture of DSP Group and BlackRock Inc. DSP is among the oldest business groups in India. It has a rich and strong history of more than 145 years. DSP’s business partner, BlackRock Inc. is the biggest listed AMC in the world. DSP BlackRock offers a wide range of mutual fund schemes. DSP BlackRock’s Equity fund schemes are considered to be its flagship products. The company is well known for providing custom-made mutual fund schemes according to the need of their investors. Many of the mutual fund schemes offered by DSP BlackRock are highly popular in the market and are often considered as benchmark for comparison with other mutual fund schemes.

Date of setupDecember 16, 1996
Sponsor(s)DSP HMK Holding Pvt. Ltd & DSP Adiko Holdings Pvt. Ltd (collectively) BlackRock Inc.
AddressMafatlal Centre, 10th Floor, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021
Tel022 - 66578000
Fax022 - 66578181

Why Choose DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund?

  • Best of both worlds

    : The mutual fund schemes offered by the company has a blend of age-old financial expertise of DSP group and international financial prowess of BlackRock Inc.

  • Regulated fund schemes

    : SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) regulates the mutual fund schemes by DSP BlackRock. This puts these schemes ahead of other schemes in the market.

  • Safety

    : As the schemes are regulated by SEBI, there is no doubt about the safety of the schemes and money put by the investors.

  • Online services

    : Almost all the services and schemes offered by the company are online and just a click away. Acquiring, transactions, and management of mutual funds has become much easier.

  • Trustworthy portfolio management

    : With such a rich history of domestic and global financial experience, customer portfolios are handled wisely and dedicatedly.

  • Potent risk management

    : Company’s mutual fund schemes in India are handled by the global risk management team of BlackRock Inc. with most powerful and updated investment tools.

  • Global connect

    : DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund gains a lot from the strong global presence of its other parent company, BlackRock Inc.

Types of Funds Offered

  • Equity Fund

    : DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund’s equity schemes invest in companies across all market capitalizations such as large cap, mid cap, and small cap companies. These mutual fund schemes have an objective of creating long-term capital gains. Additionally, there are many types of schemes available in this category depending upon the type of shares they invest in or the time of lock-in period. DSP US Flexible Equity Direct Plan, DSP Equity Opportunities Fund, DSP Tax Saver Plan, and DSP Equity Direct Plan are some of the popular names in this category.

  • Debt Fund

    : Debt Funds or fixed income funds by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund invest the money pooled from the investors in financial instruments that have enough potential and power to generate a regular income. These financial instruments are generally government securities, corporate bonds, commercial papers etc. Investing in these type of funds comes with a low risk factor and best suited for invested avoiding risk in their portfolio. DSP Bond Fund, DSP Corporate Bond Fund, and DSP Government Securities Fund are some of the popular names in this category.

  • Fund of Funds

    : Fund of funds offered by DSP BlackRock MF is also a great investment channel that offers an option for the investors to invest in several other mutual fund schemes. To ensure optimum returns for the investors, DSP Blackrock has appointed highly experienced fund managers. These mutual funds aim to generate maximum returns by investing in top performing funds. DSP Global Allocation Fund, DSP US Flexible Equity Fund, DSP World Agriculture Fund are some of the top funds in this category.

  • Hybrid Fund

    : Hybrid mutual fund schemes is another best-selling fund category offered by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund. In these mutual fund schemes the money is invested in debt as well as equity instruments. It allows the investors to gain maximum returns at a lower risk. DSP Equity & Bond Fund, DSP Regular Savings Fund, and DSP Asset Allocation Fund are the top schemes in this category.

  • Fixed Maturity Plan

    : The mutual fund schemes are close-ended in nature. They also have a fixed maturity date. These schemes are best suited for investor with low risk appetite. Additionally, DSP BlackRock offers repurchase options for these schemes.

Fund Managers at DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

  • Apoorva Shah, Fund Manager:

    Apoorva has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. He as an overall work experience of over 25 years of in the sector of banking and investment.

  • Atul Bhole, Fund Manager:

    Atul has over 10 Years of experience and has Masters in Management Studies from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. He has also cleared his Chartered Accountancy exams.

  • Gauri Sekaria, Fund Manager:

    Gauri is the fund manager of the DSP Equal NIFTY 50 Fund and has more than 12 years of experience in managing passive funds across various Index Funds and ETFs. She is FRM (GARP, USA) and MSc in International Securities Investment & Banking from Henley Business School, UK.

  • Gopal Agrawal,Senior Fund Manager:

    Gopal has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. He has extensive experience in sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Capital Goods, Power, Metals, Shipping, Chemicals & Fertilizers and Engineering.

  • Harrish Zaveri,Fund Manager:

    Harrish is the fund manager for DSP Top 100 Equity Fund and co-fund manager for DSP Focus Fund. Harrish has over two decades of experience in equity research across sectors like FMCG, Media, Pharma, Retail and Hospitality.

  • Jay Kothari,Fund Manager:

    Jay Kothari, Vice President & Product Strategist -Jay has been with DSP Investment Managers since May 2005. He has a Bachelor of Management Studies (Finance & International Finance) degree from the Mumbai University, followed by an MBA in Finance from Mumbai University.Jay is currently the Dedicated Fund Manager for overseas investments for the following schemes of DSP Mutual Fund.

  • Kedar Karnik, Fund Manager:

    Kedar has over 10 years of investment experience. He has done his Masters in Management Studies from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

  • Laukik Bagwe, Fund Manager:

    Laukik is Fund Manager with the Fixed Income Investment team of DSP Investment managers.He brings with him a total work experience of 11 years in debt broking and is currently the fund manager for the following schemes of DSP Mutual Fund.

  • M. Suryanarayanan, Fund Manager:

    Suryanarayanan currently is the Vice President and analyst with the Equity Investments team. He is also Fund Manager for DSP A.C.E. Fund (Analyst’s Conviction Equalized) – Series 1. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and has completed his Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad. He is also a CFA Charter holder.