Making better investment easier

We started with a simple idea - how to grow our wealth. We (like almost every other person!) wanted to make well thought-out investments after doing extensive research. But as busy professionals we could never actually devote as much time to it as we would have liked. Neither did we have inclination to invest our hard-earned money in following the latest “hot tip”. What we really wanted to do was get the basics right with minimum hassle – unbiased evaluation of investments, building a diversified portfolio and ensuring that we lose as little as possible to fees and commissions. When we started to build something for our investments, ORO was born.

Our Services

1. Direct mutual fund platform

The direct route is the cheapest way to access mutual funds because you buy funds directly from the AMC and eliminate distributor commissions. Use our platform to easily convert all your investments to direct and see an immediate increase in your returns.

2. Comprehensive wealth advisory

For a fraction of what you save by buying direct funds you can now get your own wealth advisor and invest in the way that Billionaires do. Sit back and relax.... and let us do the hard work. Register today to get early bird discounts.