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What is invoice discounting?

Confused about invoice discounting? Wondering how it works? Watch this video to find out.

How it works?

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Frequently asked questions

What are the KYC documents required to start investing in Invoice Discounting?Bill/ Invoice Discounting Online
The only KYC documents required to start your investment journey are
1. PAN Card
2. Un-Masked e-Aadhaar Card
What is the minimum investment amount required for me to invest?Bill/ Invoice Discounting Online
You can start investing in the Invoice discounting platform with as little as INR 50K.
What is the process of investment?Bill/ Invoice Discounting Online
1. Once the KYC process is complete, you would be able to add the investment amount to your digital wallet on our product partner’s platform.
2. Then, you can browse and select the invoices you are interested in. From there on, all you would need to do is click on the invest button to start your journey into invoice discounting.
What are the charges of using Orowealth?Bill/ Invoice Discounting Online
Zero. You don’t have to pay any fees to transact through Orowealth or our product partner’s platform.
When will I get my money back?Bill/ Invoice Discounting Online
After the invoice payment has been made, it typically is credited to your wallet on the same date. From there, you can request a transfer into your bank account.
How will I receive my returns?Bill/ Invoice Discounting Online
Your returns will be credited to your wallet. You can then initiate a request to make the transfer into your bank account.
How can I avail the zero-cost liquidity option offered by Orowealth?Bill/ Invoice Discounting Online
1. Orowealth is one of the only platforms in Invoice discounting, which offers zero-cost liquidity to its customers.
2. Although invoice discounting deals are usually for shorter durations (1-3 months), in case the investor wants to, they can request an early redemption.


The information contained herein for invoicing discounting is only to enable the Lender (Investor) to make a considered decision. Any decision taken by the Lender on the basis of this information is the sole responsbility of the Lender and Orowealth is not liable. This information does not include any sensitive persoanl data or information of the Borrower. Any investment decision taken by the lender on the basis of this information is at discretion of the lender. Orowealth will not be responsible for the full or partial loss of the principal and/or interest e lenders' investment. Orowealth has partnered with a Invoice Discounting platform - Tradecred; who merely aids and assist the Lenders and the Borrowers listed on its website to make and receive funding for their invoices and charges a service fee from the Lenders and the Borrowers for such assistance. Orowealth is only an 'Intermediary introducing these third party services and is not responsible for any agreement you sign with them.