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Smarter investing should be for everyone.

What you do with your money today can change how you live tomorrow. This is the power of investing right. We have built Orowealth to give everyone a chance to do that.

The Team

Nitin Agrawal


Vijay Kuppa


Yogesh Powar


Abhishek Verma

Staff, Software Engineer

Vaibhav Shah

VP, Research

Neel Patel

AVP, Strategic Alliances

Priyansh Saxena

AVP, Investment


We can never predict the next pandemic, next geopolitical war, next natural disaster, next high inflation environment, but we can definitely construct a portfolio that can lower the downside risk when such events occur

Non market linked investments

Predictability is better than uncertainty. Invest in assets with predictable returns rather than being exposed to equity market volatility

Start Small,Earn Big

Traditionally, these investment options were only available to High Net Worth Individuals. Now, you can invest in mutual fund with as low as Rs 10,000 and grow your wealth

We're backed by

Sri Peddu

Managing Director & General Partner

Hiro Mashita

Founder and Director,M&S Partners Pte. Ltd.

Rajesh Sawhney

Co Founder at InnerChef,Founder of GSF Accelerator

B-Dash Ventures

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Alternative Asset Investments


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Alternative Asset Investments


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Alternative Asset Investments

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Alternative Asset Investments


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Alternative Asset InvestmentsAlternative Asset Investments
Alternative Asset InvestmentsAlternative Asset Investments