ORO Weekend Reads: 23 – 28 Jan 2017

Piyush Wadhwa

This week in ORO Weekend Reads: We googled for the best ELSS mutual funds and were surprised to see the results. Plus how should you prepare for a change in equity mutual fund taxation and how you can benefit from hedonic adaptation (ya even we had no clue what that meant!).

Staying on top of your personal finances was never this easy. So sit back and enjoy reading.

ORO Wealth Exclusives

We googled for the best ELSS funds and were surprised to see the results. Find out why

From the News 

The cabinet approves the Varishta Pension Bima Yojna with 8% guaranteed pension: Things you need to know

Equity taxation rules are expected to change. What should you do?

Returns are expectations but costs are reality. So pay attention to costs these 6 cost-effective investments for a healthy portfolio

A good article investigating How easy it is to get your free annual credit report

Are you aware of Your Financial rights?

A step-by-step guide on how NRIs can exchange old notes till June 30

Around the Web

Living within your means does not have to be stressful. Read about The Magic of Hedonic Adaptation

A comprehensive read on How you can save taxes by setting-off capital losses

How the National Pension Scheme saves tax. Find out all the basics here

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Piyush Wadhwa
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