ORO Weekend Reads: 21 – 26 Nov 2016

Gaurav Chakraborty
Gaurav Chakraborty

Deposit rates cut by up to 2%, equity markets almost flat for the year and rupee close to its all time lows. Yet most investors are not seeing this as a time for panic. We are living in interesting times!

Welcome to ORO Weekend Reads. This week find out what exactly is happening in the markets, why you should not expect home prices to correct significantly and whether you are a real or pretend investor.

Staying on top of your personal finances was never this easy. So sit back and enjoy reading.

ORO Wealth Exclusives

Even as banks cut deposit rates, read this primer on debt funds to understand how you can invest in longer maturity fund to make money.

We answer an investor query on How a low risk investor can earn 12% returns per annum


From the News

Wondering why equity markets and the rupee are going down These two charts explain. But also read Why the Ghosts of 2013 won’t affect the Indian Rupee.And one final round-up on the Sectors that will be most affected by demonetisation.

Even less reason to leave you money idle in the bank, Liquid funds are becoming more and more like bank deposits

Everybody and their brother are expecting property prices to correct. So interesting to read this counter view: 6 reasons why demonetisation will not mean cheaper homes.

Yo may have all heard about e-wallets by now, but do you Know about the UPI app? And even more important here is USSD technology for those who want to pay digitally without internet.

Do you have these 4 essential insurance policies? Also read, Indian Railways offer travel insurance for just 92 paise


Around the Web

Ten personal finance lessons learnt over Ten years from one of the most popular personal finance bloggers

Are you a pretend investor or a real one? Check this NY Times article to find out

A long read but engaging nevertheless, Valuations guru Aswath Damodaran on the Tata-Mistry tussle and feuds in Family Group companies

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Gaurav Chakraborty
Gaurav Chakraborty

Gaurav is an engineer-turned-digital marketeer. Also a personal finance blogger with experience in financial planning and crowdfunding sector. He is a part of the Marketing team at Orowealth.

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