107 Financial Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Abhinay Dhole
Abhinay Dhole

We are in the age of fast-track technology. Everything around is constantly evolving and updating. This is also particularly true about the new-age investments. The market is constantly fluctuating and giving rise to countless opportunities. Keeping track of the latest trends and updates in the market has become quite easy these days. However, whom to follow for a regular, timely and reliable update has become a significant question.

We have compiled a list of 100 Twitter Influencers in the financial and business domain. Following these individuals, you can keep track of the latest trends and happenings in the financial and business domain in India as well as across the globe.

1.  Arun Jaitley

Follow the Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Government in India to get timely updates on the Budget, GST and other important financial and economic issues.

Twitter Handle: @arunjaitley

2. Dr. Hasmukh Adhia

He is the Finance Secretary, Government of India. You can expect tweets about the latest finance related trends.

Twitter Handle: @adhia03

3. Uday Kotak

The CEO, Kotak Mahindra Bank regularly tweets about various world issues such as the trade war, oil prices as well as domestic factors including interest rates, deficit etc. that are lead or lag indicators for the economy.

Twitter Handle: @udaykotak

4. Sucheta Dalal

This ex-Financial Editor of Times of India is the Co-founder of Moneylife Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works towards improving the financial literacy of the nation. The author of ‘Putting Savers First’, tweets about personal finance.

Twitter Handle: @suchetadalal

5. Samir Arora

Samir Arora is the Founder and Fund Manager at Helios Capital Management Pte. Ltd. A veteran investment advisor, he is so experienced that you will also find him sharing jokes or ‘shaayri’ on the markets. His tweets are usually brief but profound.

Twitter Handle: @Iamsamirarora

6. Latha Venkatesh

The Executive Editor @CNBCTV18News is a reputed News anchor recognized as one of the keenest watchers of the Reserve Bank of India. Follow her to get the latest news in the banking sector.

Twitter Handle: @latha_venkatesh

7. Nilesh Shah

The MD, Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund tweets are about the stock market, Mutual Funds and events taking place in the world that affect our economy.

Twitter Handle: @NileshShah68

8. Vijay Kedia

This successful investor has to invest in his genes, being born into a family of stockbrokers. He shares a lot of investment advice and has even recorded some in the form of a song!

Twitter Handle: @VijayKedia1

9. Ajit Ranade

Follow the Chief Economist for Aditya Birla Group who is an IIT IIM Alumnus for his stark and insightful observations on the economy.

Twitter Handle: @ajit_ranade

10. Bibek Debroy

The Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the PM, shares his views on the economy in poetic style!

Twitter Handle: @bibekdebroy

11. Sonia Shenoy

The Deputy Editor at CNBC TV18 is a popular News Anchor who shares important market cues, earning updates and stock tips on her Twitter account.

Twitter Handle: @_soniashenoy

12. Kaushik Basu

The former Chief Economist of the World Bank shares papers, columns and views on the economy on Twitter.

Twitter Handle: @kaushikcbasu

13. Porinju Veliyath

Economic Times has given him the moniker of ‘the small-cap czar’. He is a value investor and the Founder & CEO of the find management firm, Equity Intelligence India Ltd.

Twitter Handle: @porinju

14. Shereen Bhan

The Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18 and Series Editor of ‘Young Turks’, one of India’s longest-running shows that put the spotlight on bright ideas & young entrepreneurs, her tweets will keep you informed about important developments in the world of business.

Twitter Handle: @ShereenBhan

15. Sanjay Bakshi

He teaches ‘Behavioral Finance & Business Valuation (BFBV)’ at the reputed MBA institute, MDI Gurgaon. He is also the Managing Partner at ValueQuest Capital LLP, a value investing firm in New Delhi. His tweets comprise of opinions, facts and valuable advice.

Twitter Handle: @Sanjay__Bakshi

16. Aswath Damodaran

One of the most respected Financial Analysts in the world, Aswath Damodaran’s books, videos, and tweets are reservoirs of valuable information that will help you decipher the way the markets function.

Twitter Handle: @AswathDamodaran

17. Anuj Singhal

He is a prominent stocks observer and usually tweets about stock markets and their fluctuations. He works as News Anchor at CNBC-TV18.

Twitter handle: @_anujsinghal

18. Varinder Bansal

Managing Partner, Pantomath Asset Management. Ex-Corporate Editor & Head of Research, CNBC-TV18.

Twitter handle: @varinder_bansal

19. Basant Maheshwari

He is an investor and author of the Thoughtful Investor. Co-Founder & Partner Basant Maheshwari Wealth Advisers LLP. He is also a SEBI Registered Portfolio Manager

Twitter handle: @BMTheEquityDesk

20. Ashu M

He basically tweets about corporate laws and finance based on his understanding.

Twitter handle: @muglikar_

21. Vishal Khandelwal

As founder of Safal Niveshak, he helps small investors become independent and smarter in their decision making.

Twitter handle: @safalniveshak

22. Deepak Shenoy

Deepak Shenoy is the founder of CapitalMind. His tweets are about stock and market research, and wealth management.

Twitter handle: @deepakshenoy

23. Surjit Bhalla

He is a prominent economist and tweets about the latest financial trends in India and around the globe. He is self-confessed cricket junkie and a film enthusiast.

Twitter handle: @surjitbhalla

24. Ashwini Gujral

Ashwini Gujral is an analyst, futures trader and bestselling author. He is a SEBI registered portfolio manager and regularly features on CNBC expert panel.

Twitter handle: @GujralAshwani

25. Devinder Sharma

Mr. Sharma is a multi-talented personality. He is a writer, researcher, columnist, and a well-known author. He usually tweets about the economy and agriculture & related activities.

Twitter handle: @Devinder_Sharma

26. Shaktikanta Das

Member of 15th Finance Commission of India. As a prominent member of India’s Finance Commission, you can expect insightful tweets about the Indian economy, banking structures, and new fiscal policies.

Twitter handle: @DasShaktikanta

27. Darshan Mehta

Darshan Mehta works at Bloomberg Quint, having previously associated with ET Now. His tweets are usually related to Indian Stock Market and other movements in the market.

Twitter handle: @darshanvmehta1

28. Ekta Batra

Ekta Batra is an anchor & associate editor at CNBC TV18. Her area of expertise is health and pharma sector. She’s been analyzing that sector since 2008. Her tweets are mostly about giving insights about the health and pharma sector and their stock movements.

Twitter handle: @ekta_batra

29. Mohnish Parbai

Mr. Parbai is a managing partner of Pabrai Funds, CEO of Dhandho Funds, and has authored The Dhandho Investor. His tweets give out information about market movements and the latest market trends.

Twitter handle: @MohnishPabrai

30. Raam Deo

As the chairman of Motilal Oswal Asset Management, tweets of Ram Deo give good insights about the equity markets and stock fluctuations.

Twitter handle: @Raamdeo

31. Shyam Sekhar

He’s an Entrepreneur, investment thinker and organic farmer. Usually, he tweets about share prices, purchasing shares and gives his personal opinion about the same.

Twitter handle: @shyamsek

32. Lavanya Mohan

Lavanya, a Chartered Accountant and writer from Chennai. She works primarily as a CA in practice and has been published in a number of publications like Elle India, Architectural digest India, The Hindu, Buzzfeed India among others.

Twitter handle: @lavsmohan

33. Sunil Singhania

Mr. Singhania is the founder of Abakkus Asset Manager LLP. He also is a member of Global Board of Governors and Chairman of Investment Committee of CFA Institute. His tweets are usually insightful in nature, reflecting his thorough research of the Indian share market.

Twitter handle: @SunilBSinghania

34. Nigel D Souza

Nigel works as an anchor & Assistant Editor-Research at CNBCTV18. He is quite passionate about bikes, cars, and sports. He tweets about his interviews with prominent personalities in finance, stocks, Sensex movements, and market fluctuations.

Twitter handle: @Nigel__DSouza

35. Sandip Sabharwal

Mr. Sabharwal is a prominent investment advisor. He also has an advisory website and regularly writes investment related blogs on the website. His tweets give out deep insights into the Indian financial markets.

Twitter handle: @sandipsabharwal

36. Nirmal Jain

Founder & Chairman of IIFL Group- FCA. He is an ICWA and an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad. Tweets about Indian and world financial markets.

Twitter handle: @JainNirmal

37. Pankaj Jain

Expert in startups, venture, cryptocurrencies, and hedge funds. He tweets about his opinions and suggestions about cryptocurrencies and government policies about the same.

Twitter handle: @pjain

38. Vikas Bajaj

He’s an editor @nytimesbusiness. Previously worked as editorial writer @nytopinion, He was a housing & finance reporter for Dallas Morning News, Michigan State.

Twitter handle: @vikasbajaj

39. Debashis Basu

Co-founder and advisor at MoneyLife. He is a CA and has authored 8 books.

Twitter handle: @Moneylifers

40. Monika Halan

Monika Halan works as a Consulting Editor @livemint. She has also authored a book called Let’s Talk Money.

Twitter handle: @monikahalan

41. Renuka Jain

Renuka Jain is an FCA and a CS. She is also a financial & tax advisor, and portfolio manager.

Twitter handle: @RenukaJain6

42. Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah markets editor at Bloomberg Quint. He is very passionate about the equities market and generally tweets about the same- market insights and research.

Twitter handle: @_nirajshah

43. D. Muthukrishnan

Mr. Muthukrishnan is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and a practicing ‘Personal Financial Advisor’. He is very passionate about personal finance and his tweets are a good way to get tips about personal finance.

Twitter handle: @dmuthuk

44. Sunil Jain

Mr. Jain is the managing editor at Financial Express. He also works as a business editor for the Indian Express. He was previously associated with India Today. He has also co-authored a book called Caste in Different Mould.

Twitter handle: @thesuniljain

45. N K Singh

As a chairman of the 15th Finance Commission of India, Mr. Singh’s tweets are about the financial trends or situations of the Indian economy.

Twitter handle: @NKSingh_MP

46. Reema Tendulkar

She works as the anchor and associate editor for CNBC TV18. She generally tweets about the fluctuations and trends in the stock market.

Twitter handle: @Reematendulkar

47. Nayantara Rai

Nayantara works as the news anchor and the bureau chief at ET Now. Earlier She was with CNBC-TV18. She is a huge cricket and tennis fan.

Twitter handle: @NayantaraRai

48. Nikunj Dalmia

Mr. Dalmia works as the Managing Editor at ET NOW.

Twitter handle: @nikunjdalmia

49. Puja Mehra

She considers herself a student of the economy (especially India). She’s a Journalist and winner of Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards in 2008 & 2009.

Twitter handle: @pujamehra

50. Yatin Mota

Co-Head of Research at Bloomberg Quint. He is an RA Poddar & NMIMS Alumni.

Twitter handle: @YatinMota

51. Sonam Mehta

Senior Research Analyst at CNBC Awaaz. She is a business journalist and considers herself a great foodie. She loves music, dancing, and shopping.

Twitter handle: @sonamcnbcawaaz

52. Rajiv Kumar

He is the Vice Chairman at the NITI Aayog. He also is the Founder of PahleIndia and Senior Fellow of CPR_India

Twitter handle: @RajivKumar1

53. Rahesh Shah

Mr. Shah is the President of Ficci, India and the Chairman and CEO @EdelweissFin

Twitter Handle: @rasheshshah

54. Manoj Nagpal

Financial services professional. Expert in personal finance and mutual funds.

Twitter Handle: @NagpalManoj

55. Amit Jeswani

He is the founder and CIO at StallionAsset. He is also a CFA and CMT.

Twitter Handle: @Amit_Jeswani1

56. Amit Mantri

He works as the fund manager at 2Point2 Capital PMS. He is a Value Investor, cinema & theatre lover. He writes blogs @ http://2point2capital.com. He is an alumnus of IIMB & IITKGP

Twitter Handle: @amitmantri

57. Aashish PS

He is the CEO of Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company. Tweets about equity markets and financial trends.

Twitter Handle: @AashishPS

58. Vijay Pahwa

CEO at WealthPark. SEBI registered Investment Advisor, Management Consultant (ex-McKinsey) MBBS (AIIMS, Delhi), MD (Ophth, AIIMS), MBA (IIM Ahmedabad)

Twitter Handle: @Wealth_Park

59. Avanne Dubash

Financial Markets Anchor & Principal Research Analyst (Capital Goods, Media & Hospitality) on @ETNOWlive. Tweets about the market movements and the latest updates of the market.

Twitter Handle: @avannedubash

60. Mangalam Maloo

Sr Research Analyst & Market Anchor @CNBCTV18Live. He is a CFA. Tweets about the updates of the share prices in the market.

Twitter Handle: @blitzkreigm

61. Rajiv Mantri

Tweets about India, investing, technology, and venture capital.

Twitter Handle: @RMantri

62. Ira Dugal

Ira works as the Banking & Finance Editor at BloombergQuint. She is a keen follower of the Indian markets, banking & the economy.

Twitter Handle: @dugalira

63. Shiv Shukla

Mr. Shukla is the Union Minister of State, Finance, Government of India. He is the Member of the Parliament and tweets about the political situations in the country.

Twitter Handle: @BJPShivPShukla

64. Anil Tulasiram

Investor & Blogger. Tweets about good reads about Indian Finance domain.

Twitter Handle: @Anil_Tulsiram

65. Nitin Sethi

Senior Associate Editor, Business Standard @bsindia.

Twitter Handle: @nit_set

66. Kalpen Parekh

President, DSP BlackRock MF. Tweets about the equity markets in India.

Twitter Handle: @KalpenParekh

67. Mahesh M

Financial Advisor – Mutual Funds. Conducts investor awareness programmes. Tweets about investment tips and good reads about the latest happenings in the market.

Twitter Handle: @invest_mutual

68. Vinita Deshmukh

Consulting Editor at MoneyLife. She is the author of the book – The Mighty Fall and co-authored – To the Last Bullet. Tweets about a variety of topics including finance.

Twitter Handle: @VinitaDeshmukh

69. Shefali Anand

Editor at Wall Street Journal. She’s a writer and tweets on a broad range of topics including films, markets, government programmes, and fitness among others.

Twitter Handle: @shefalianand

70. Dhirendra Kumar

Founder and CEO at Value Research. Tweets about a wide range of topics including market trends, fluctuations, and latest updates.

Twitter Handle: @dhirendra_vr

71. Rajeev Thakkar

Chief Investment Officer, PPFAS Mutual Fund. Tweets about the Indian Stock Market and related updates.

Twitter Handle: @RajeevThakkar

72. A. Balasubramanian

He’s passionate about the economy, global finance, and personal finance. He conducts mutual funds awareness programmes to help spread awareness about the benefits of mutual fund investments. He generally tweets about the current financial affairs around the Indian as well as global economy.

Twitter Handle: @MFBALA

73. Surabhi Upadhyay

Business journalist and an Associate Editor Personal Finance & Senior Markets Anchor at CNBC TV18. She loves to travel and is a poet, philosopher & photography enthusiast.

Twitter Handle: @SurabhiUpadhyay

74. Vivek Kaul

Author of Easy Money trilogy & India’s Big Government. His tweets are usually about the banking and finance sector along with updating readers about his books.

Twitter Handle: @kaul_vivek

75. Vinayak Chatterjee

Vinayak Chatterjee is a multi-dimensional personality. He is the Chairman of the Feedback Infra Group, a columnist at Business Standard, Chairman of the CII’s Nat Council on Economic Affairs,  Independent Director on a few boards.  His tweets give readers good information about the latest updates in the infrastructural domain of the country.

Twitter Handle: @Infra_VinayakCh

76. Karthik Reddy

Mr. Reddy is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Blume Ventures

Twitter Handle: @BKartRed

77. Nisha Poddar

Anchor, M&A Specialist at CNBC-TV18. She tweets about the market and latest happenings across the finance sector in the country.

Twitter Handle: @PoddarNisha

78. Nitin Bhatia

Nitin Bhatia is a well-known trader, investor, and a social media influencer. His tweets cover a broad range of investment-related topics and give out good insights into the stock market movements.

Twitter Handle: @nitinbhatia121

79. Gurpreet Saluja

Mr. Saluja is a value investor and is a big stock market enthusiast. He is also a blogger and considers himself a huge fan of Warren Buffet.

Twitter Handle: @gurpreet_saluja

80. Rajat Sharma

He is the Founder of Sana Securities. He is also a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor. Generally tweets about the banking and finance sector and their latest updates.

Twitter Handle: @SanaSecurities

81. Dev Ashish

Mr. Ashish is the Founder of Stable Investor and is a SEBI registered advisor. He likes to help people in making better and profitable investments. His tweets give out good and easy tips of personal finance.

Twitter Handle: @StableInvestor

82. Navin Shetty

Mr. Shetty is a former Senior Equity analyst CNBC. Passionate about financial markets, yoga, and running.

Twitter Handle: @Navin_Shetty1

83. Nimesh Shah

Editor at Institutional Equities, CNBC TV18. He has been a journalist for the last 15 years. His tweets show his thorough and deep knowledge about the finance sector of India.

Twitter Handle: @nimeshscnbc

84. Mohit Satyanand

Entrepreneur, investor, and economy-watcher. His tweets cover a broad range of topics including global issues, travel, and investments among others.

Twitter Handle: @mohitsatyanand

85. Swati Raina

Ms. Raina is a News Anchor at Zee Business. She usually re-tweets her news clips and market-related information.

Twitter Handle: @rainaswati

86. Laxmi Iyer

Ms. Iyer is the Cheif Investment Officer -Fixed Income & the Head of Product at Kotak Asset Management Company. She generally tweets about the market movements, value stocks, and debt-related topics.

Twitter Handle: @Lakshmi1876

87. Parag Parikh

Author of Value Investing and Behavioural Finance & Stocks to Riches. Chairman & CEO, PPFAS Long Term Value Fund.

Twitter Handle: @paragparikh

88. Vetri Subramaniam

He is the Head of Equity Investments at UTI Asset Management Company. Tweets about the behavior of the stock market over the years, upcoming trends, and latest updates in the equity sector.

Twitter Handle: @VetriSmv

89. Naresh Katariya

Mr. Kaviraj is a Value Investor. He was previously associated with Global Capital Market Consulting.

Twitter Handle: @KhivrajNaresh

90. Chetan Phalke

Mr. Phalke is a SEBI registered investment advisor. He is a huge stock market enthusiast and a keen follower of the Indin economy. His tweets are usually about the current affairs and share markets.

Twitter Handle: @alphainvesco

91. Kayezad E Adajania

Mr. Adajania was the Editor – Mutual Funds at the Mint. He was associated with the company for 9 long years. He is a big tennis fan and occasionally writes about it. He tweets about a broad range of topics and stories happening across the globe.

Twitter Handle: @kayezad

92. Jagdees

Writes about stocks, finance, equities. He is also a huge cricket fan. He runs a blog called antinvestor.wordpress.com where he writes about the finance sector and latest happenings in it. His tweets cover a variety of topics apart from investments such as Dravidian politics and cricket.

Twitter Handle: @eeswardev

93. Ajay Srinivasan

He is the Chief Executive Officer at Aditya Birla Capital Limited. He is a big fan of cricket and a music lover. He tweets are usually inspiring and motivational for the readers.

Twitter Handle: @Srinivasan_Ajay

94. Dr. Narendra Nathan

Mr. Nathan works with ET Wealth and is an expert in personal finance. He also writes about personal finance. His tweets cover a broad range of topics including current affairs and political situations in India.

Twitter Handle: @drnarendranET

95. Deepak Kapur

Mr. Kapur is a keen observer of the stock market. He is also a professor at IIM Indore. His tweets are generally about the share market movements, value stocks, and financial trends across the globe.

Twitter Handle: @tapak7

96. Ruchi Jain

Ms. Jain is an investor and tweets about markets and personal finance.

Twitter Handle: @ruchi_still

97. Samit Vartak

He is the Chief Investment Officer at SageOne Investment Advisors LLP. His tweets can give you a good insight into how the market has worked over the years.

Twitter Handle: @SamitVartak

98. Tamal Bandyopadhyay

Author of Bandhan: The Making Of A Bank, Sahara: The Untold Story & A Bank for the Buck. He writes Banker’s Trust every Monday in Mint.

Twitter Handle: @TamalBandyo

99. Ashwini Damani

He’s a CA and CFA. Loves politics, movies, and markets.

Twitter Handle: @ashwinidamani

100. Srinivasan Ravi

Editor of The Hindu Business Line. He tweets on a variety of topics including current affairs across the globe to informative videos

Twitter Handle: @srinivasanravi

101. The MFGuy

The person wishes to remain anonymous to his/her followers. However, that doesn’t stop him/her to solve people’s queries related to mutual fund investments. You can expect some funny but accurate tweets about personal finance, re-tweets about happenings across the globe, and general investment advice.

Twitter Handle: @TheMFGuy1

102: Rachit Jain

Rachit Jain considers himself a trader and an investor. His tweets can give you great insights into the movements of the market. His tweets are also full of good general advice about investments.

Twitter Handle: @rachitpjain

103: Subhadip Nandy

Mr. Nandy is a trader of stocks. His tweets are a reflection of his extensive market knowledge.

Twitter Handle: @SubhadipNandy

If you think we have missed out on anybody who should be added to this list, please suggest in the comments box. We will add them here. Let’s grow this list together.

104: Anupam Gupta

Mr. Gupta’s tweets cover a wide range of topics. He tweets about the latest happenings in the country, funny quotes or memes and about stocks and market finances.

Twitter Handle: @b50

105: San

He is a stock market enthusiast and a keen follower of market movements. His tweets usually give out simple trading strategies and information about fluctuations of various stocks in the market.

Twitter Handle: @sanstocktrader

106: Aakash K Hindocha

Aakash works at The Profitable Indian. He’s a keen follower of the Indian stock market. His tweets give meaningful insights into the Nifty market and about the movement of stocks. Additionally, he conducts workshops for investors to help them in investing and generate profit.

Twitter Handle: @aakashhindocha

107: Sunil Tinani

Mr. Tinani works at The BullBull, a knowledge brokerage firm. He usually tweets about the latest updates and happenings in the Indian finance domain and about the stock movements in the market. Also, he tweets about live market intelligence, informing investors about some good options for investing in stocks.

Twitter Handle: @TheBullBull

Abhinay Dhole
Abhinay Dhole

Abhinay is an IT Engineer turned content writer. He has a keen interest in the mutual funds industry and closely follows the market movements. He has been working in the personal finance domain for over 2 years.

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